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Outer Banks Kiteboarding : Boards

Outer Banks Kiteboarding : Boards

Kiteboards may look like a wakeboard at first glance, but that is where the similarities stop. Kiteboards are designed specifically for the demands of kiteboarding and offer many technical advantages that make kiteboarding both easier and more fun! Kitty Hawk Kites has selected certain kiteboards only after testing hundreds of boards themselves to find the best possible selection of boards for you. We have the best selection of kiteboards online.

Beginners should get a larger kiteboard and a smaller kite. For most average sized individuals, this is around a 160 cm board. Larger boards may be necessary for low wind riding and smaller boards for higher wind riding, but the best all around size for a beginner is the 160cm size. Most of our boards come ready to ride with the footpads, the footstaps, the fins, and a center handle for your convenience.

Beginner Boards

Look at the Wake n' Style kiteboards by Lite Wave Designs in the larger sizes and the Cabrinha Double Agent and new Prodigy kiteboards. They are the best for planning early and staying on top of the water even when making big mistakes with the kite placement.

Intermediate Boards

Check out the selection of Hana Crew kiteboards, the smaller Wake n' Style boards by Lite Wave Designs, the Hammersurf kiteboards, and the Cabrinha Lab Rat and Icon.

Advanced Boards

You will love the small Wake n' Style kiteboards, the Hana Crew kiteboards, and the 130 Icon and Lab Rat by Cabrinha!

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Tracey Pullman said...

One tip in kiteboarding is to have a good kite control first before bringing the board into play.
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