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Why Kiteboard on the Outer Banks

Nags Head is located on the beautiful Outer Banks barrier islands of North Carolina. The Outer Banks is quickly becoming known as one of the premier kite surfing/boarding destination places in the USA! Hang gliding, wind surfing, and aeronatical history have made the Outer Banks famous and now kiteboarding is making it's claim to the Outer Banks. The predictable smooth and sometimes strong winds provide plenty of fuel here for the sport. The endless miles of shallow waters make the perfect conditions for those learning. The comfort and ease of the shallow waters will increase your learning speed and you can learn more here in days than you can learn months in other conditions. The Pamlico, Albarmarle, and Currtuck Sounds from over 390 square miles of pristine beach line with flat calm waters with a carpet of golden sound to walk on! On the other side of the road, the Outer Banks boasts some of the best surf on the entire East Coast. Bordered by the Atlantic, the miles of beach provides the ultimate skate park for those looking for a bit more challenge!

Just more of a reason to kiteboard on the Beautiful Outer Banks.