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Kiteboarding Kites

Kite surfing is definitely a form of kite flying and you need to know how to control a kite well! If you are considering kite surfing as your next hobby, you should start with one of our kite surfing trainer packages.

The newest generations of power kites are being specifically engineered for the sport of kiteboarding. Kite technology is rapidly advancing, making it easier for beginners to jump into the sport and professionals to perfect it. Power kites born out of this era have innovative features never before seen on kites including bladders, safety release systems, zippers, and variable aspect ratio concepts. De-powering systems and emergency release systems have gotten more elaborate, making it easier and safer to control the power generated by these monsters.

The amount of power needed for kiteboarding far exceeds the amount of power one would use with land kites. Each kite size is designed for use within a particular wind range. Kite size is determined by your local wind conditions, expertise, the pilot's body weight, and the board size and type.